The 14th National Algology Congress – Abstral Satellite Symposium


Active Substance



Between November 03 and 06, 2016 the 14th National Algology Congress was performed in Antalya. Participating in this convention for the first time, Er-Kim İlaç became the silver sponsor of the convention and performed a satellite symposium for its product named Abstral which was newly introduced to the market.

Great interest was shown to the satellite symposium performed under the presidency Prof. Dr. Gül Köknel Talu from İstanbul University with Prof. Dr. Meltem Uyar from Ege University Medical School as the debater. In the symposium where, following the definition of breakthrough cancer pain, the treatment and Abstral’s place was discussed along with a case presentation, an important gap was expressed to be filled in this field in the feedbacks from the physicians, and furthermore physicians who used Abstral on their patients shared their positive experiences.