ErKim Ilac Hosted Mr Coskun Aral and Enjoyed His Pleasant Presentation Together With Its Employees

Coşkun Aral Fotoğraf Kolaj

Active Substance



ErKim Ilac A.S. hosted famous photographer, traveler, educator, documentary producer Coskun Aral on the first day of its cycle meeting in January. Mr Coskun Aral answered the questions directed to him by ErKim employees and shared his own life experiences and knowledge about the struggle for survival, cultures, lives, wars of humanity.

Coskun Aral, who mentioned that lifelong curiosity, interrogation and continuous will for learning will develop and advance people and society, conveyed his thoughts about questioning life, value of knowledge and touching the lives of others by giving examples from his professional experiences.

Coskun Aral’s facebook page about this event can be found on the link below.