Er-Kim Ilac’s Red Team Performed a Business Trip to LFB Les Ulis Manufacturing Facility for Observation and Training Purposes


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The Red Group sales and marketing staff of Er-Kim Ilac visited Les Ulis / Paris manufacturing facility of its French business partner LFB Biomedicaments to observe the manufacturing processes and product quality procedures and to participate in the trainings.

Predominantly active in the immunology and hemostasis fields, the French LFB Biomedicaments company, one of the leading plasma fractionation and biotechnolgy companies in the world, manufactures Tegeline, Factane, Betafact, Ivhebex and Vialebex products in its Les Ullis manufacturing facilities, for which the sales and marketing activities are carried out by Er-Kim Ilac in Turkey.

Founded in 1993 for the purpose of fulfilling the need for blood products in France, LFB Biomedicaments, the only plasma fractionation company with the nature of public economic organization, is active in 40 different countries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and America, including Turkey

Through this visit carried out to learn the manufacturing technology of the products of Betafact, Factane, Ivhebex and Vialebex and especially of Tegeline, which have been marketed in Turkey by Er-kim Ilac for more than 20 years, and to observe the entire manufacturing process from the plasma pools obtained from healthy volunteer donors to the “ready-for-final-use” status, the Er-kim sales team has increased their knowledge and experience on the products.

In the LFB Biomedicaments Les Ullis / Paris facility, manufacturing, quality control, international marketing and medical department managers shared the product and manufacturing related information with the Er-Kim Ilac staff. LFB executives announced that the manufacturing capacity of the 3 existing manufacturing facilities would be increased and that the construction of the new manufacturing facility is continuing.

Mr. Okan Iscan, Er-Kim Ilac Red Group Product Manager, shared with the sales team that the LFB and Er-Kim Ilac has long been in cooperation and that the LFB would provide its products subjected to ongoing clinical trials and other LFB products, which were not yet available in Turkey, to the Turkish market thus they would include the new LFB products in Er-Kim portfolio.

Mr. Muhammed Dursun, Er-Kim Ilac Sales Manager, shared his assessment with the sales team that thanks to the visit to LFB Les Ulis / Paris facility, they had more knowledge and they gained in trainings consolidated by seeing the facilities, that this experience gained would contribute greatly to products’ marketing activities and that they would communicate the information required about the products and facilities in detail and correctly to the healthcare professionals.

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