Er-Kim Ilac Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. Celebrates 8th March Women Day of Women Employees

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Er-Kim Ilac, who is present in the Pharmaceutical Sector more than 35 years and whose %45 of its human resources are women, celebrated March 8th International Women’s Day of woman employees with a special event.

Er-Kim Ilac gives great importance to humanitarian aspects and ethical values in the working principles. On the purpose of respecting to Prof. Dr. Turkan Saylan, on this special day, Er-Kim Ilac distributed the famous author Ayse Kulin’s book “Turkan” as a gift to all women employees. This book is about the life of Prof. Dr. Turkan Saylan who has made great contributions to Turkey’ medical community, exterminated leprosy being a public health problem and devoted her life to the girls’ education.

Er-Kim Ilac, who celebrates 35th anniversary in the sector with interoperate activities and various social responsibility projects, is also known as a company that pays maximum attention to all the social rights of female employees in employment policy.