A New Cooperation by Er-Kim İlaç

Sinomarin 1

Active Substance



Er-Kim İlaç has introduced the Sinomarin product group into its portfolio.

As of January 2018, Er-Kim İlaç has introduced the Sinomarin product group that are manufactured by Gerolymatos pharmaceutical, a company based in Athens and that have been safely used in Turkey since 2004.

Containing 2.3% of hypertonic seawater and acting as 100% natural nasal decongestant, nine different presentations of Sinomarin products addressing the needs of various age groups and intended uses are offered to the market with Er-Kim’s assurance and experience.

The first ever patented product containing hypertonic seawater, Sinomarin unblocks the nasal pathway and regulates breathing as a nasal decongestant with clinically proven effects. Sİnomarin not only moistens the nasal mucosa naturally with its osmotic effects but also facilitates breathing by relieving the blocked nasal cavity.

Apart from being suitable to use in adults, appropriate forms of Sinomarin can also be used safely in children and infants.

Er-Kim İlaç that has been successfully active in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector since 38 years is proud to have introduced Sinomarins that have been in use in sixty countries for many years to its portfolio.